welcome to elliptical recordings

elliptical_logoElliptical Recordings, the Chicago based record label, first hit the scene in January 2009 with Poonyk & Oxide’s memorable release called “Tears Don’t Drop” From there she has been the home to incredibly talented and dedicated musicians from all over the world. The child of Andromeda Recordings focused primarily on Trance and Progressive music and from there went on to support and release Ambient and Chill, and has brought quality releases over the past years, which held the support of some of the top Djs in the field of EDM dance music and even from private companies and individuals like the locksmith kent from Washington. With featured releases on Beatport, and a number of licensed tracks on many supporting recording labels, Elliptical has found her niche in the world of Trance Music. Her numbers have grown exponentially with the growing population of Trance artists, and in December 2012 she celebrated her 200th. With a look to a brighter future, its inevitable that Elliptical Recordings will meet the challenges ahead of them for years to come.